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Real Home Prices Beginning to Fall

When looking at the United States economy, we are a very capitalist nation with a free market.  Having such a society and economy has a few downsides, two of them being inflation and an economy running so fast it heads towards a collapse.  Across the United States we have seen record setting home price appreciation. This price growth has been rapid and unsustainable, and it has come to an end.  For the second straight month real home prices have declined.  It is unlikely that we will see a housing market collapse, however prices will likely continue to slowly fall or remain steady to a more conservative annualized growth rate for the near future.  As housing becomes more expensive to purchase, we normally see an increase in rental demand.  Carpathian Capital Management (CCM) has a portfolio of around 200 rental homes and a handful of smaller apartment buildings.  These holdings are positioned to take advantage of a potential demand increase across the rental market.


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Source: Bill McBride at Calculated Risk


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