Core Strategies

Joint Ventures

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Criteria for Our Partners

Knowledge and experience in asset class

  • All CCM partners must exhibit thorough knowledge in the particulars of land development.
  • Successful track record of previous projects both financially and operationally

Evaluation of financial strength

  • Review of historical financials for partner 
  • Principals must have sound knowledge and personal experience in the asset class being presented

Background and reference checks

  • Review of management bios for all personnel of partner
  • Sponsors and principals are subject to an extensive background check
  • Reference check with past partners, vendors and employers

Project Criteria

Financial Review

  • Full underwriting of project cashflows and projected returns
  • Costs –Vendor bids, city fees, performance bonds etc.
  • Revenues –Verification of sales assumptions via 3rd party resources
  • Sensitivity analysis

Project Feasibility Review

  • Conduct market study (internal or 3rd party) addressing supply, demand, product feasibility competition and local economic factors
  • Solicit feedback from experienced local Realtors
  • Risk mitigation –ID key risks and mitigation plan for each

Real Estate Review

  • Review zoning, entitlements, approved plans and maps
  • Review engineering plans and reports
  • Review environmental study(ies) and wetland studies, if any

Conduct a Full Legal Review

  • Purchase agreement.
  • Loan agreements, if any
  • Partnership agreement
  • Development agreement with city
  • Title search
  • Standard representations and warranties about acting in good faith, full disclosure
  • Limited principal guarantee and indemnities

* Each negotiated on a sponsor-by-sponsor and project-by-project basis

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