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Lending Fund

The CCM Lending Fund fills the lending gap as a private lender in the new construction and rehab market. 

Loans provided by the fund typically involve residential construction lending, fix n’ flip rehabilitation projects or land for residential construction.
  • Banks are hindered by new regulation or are too risk-averse to keep up with borrower demand
  • The CCM Lending Fund can offer greater flexibility – including time, income valuation, loan-to-value ratio, property condition, credit score evaluation
  • There is a strong demand for housing, low inventory of homes and developed land
  • Demand is boosting prices and fueling construction trends
  • Lending gap between volume of building demand and available credit


Keys To Success: Borrower Perspective

Speed: Ability to respond to borrower inquiries same-day and make preliminary loan decision (contingent on verification of key data) within 24 hours

Creativity: Willingness to work through unique problems with borrower rather than rejecting a loan that doesn’t perfectly fit rigid parameters.

Business Approach:

  • Give the borrower credit for income and assets that banks will disregard 
  • Consider project value “as complete” (once rehab or construction is done) in addition to current “as-is” value.
  • Credit score – Accept imperfect credit score if borrower can pre-pay interest or has sufficient collateral that can be used as additional security for loan.

Key Underwriting Criteria for Borrowers

  • Borrowers must have knowledge and experience in asset class
  • Credit rating and clean background check
  • Financial strength of personal guarantors
  • Well-defined short-term exit strategy

Key Underwriting Criteria for Collateral

  • Proper seniority in collateral and ratings
  • Clear budgets for rehab or construction
  • Asset valuation – 3rd party valuations and/or appraisals
  • Regular site inspections


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Lending Fund

lending fund


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