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Pickleball: A Crucial Amenity for Active Adults

Lifestyle amenities like pickleball courts are becoming crucial in today’s real estate market, enhancing property value and appeal. The sport’s popularity has exploded, appreciated for its accessibility and social benefits, as detailed in a recent Marketplace Homes analysis. At our Active Adult Communities, Vita Attiva in Farmington, MN, and Bells Ferry in Kennesaw, GA, residents enjoy top-notch pickleball facilities. These amenities are more than just sports facilities; they are vibrant community centers promoting wellness and social interaction, which are highly valued by modern homebuyers. The strategic inclusion of such amenities positions our communities at the forefront of a trend favoring active, engaged lifestyles, making Vita Attiva and Bells Ferry prime examples of how contemporary communities meet the evolving demands of today’s homeowners.

Source: Why is Pickleball So Popular?

Photo: Group of Senior Men Shaking Hands on Pickleball Court by kali9

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