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More Assets Moving Down South

As we all know, 2022 has been a very exciting year.  Carpathian Capital Management (CCM) has been having one of our most exciting years yet, and we are happy to share that through the Covid-19 pandemic and through the recent inflation and supply chain issues, CCM has continued to post steady returns for our investors.  CCM owns and operates just over 200 single family homes and several apartment complexes across the Minneapolis and Detroit metro areas.  We also provide hard money loans to home developers and home remodelers across Minnesota.  Recently our development team has been investing more assets into the Atlanta, Georgia area.  According to Zillow research, the next month and quarter will see a slowdown in home price appreciation, however the upcoming year over year forecast is a 4% price growth in the Atlanta MSA.  Coupled with a pleasant price appreciation forecast, Atlanta has seen an increase in rents of just under 80% since March of 2015.

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