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Farmington Makes a Great Home for Vita Attiva at South Creek

Carpathian Capital Management (CCM) is located in and does most of our resourse allocation in the Minneapolis Metro Area. CCM has a Joint Venture development project in Farmington, Minnesota called Vita Attiva at South Creek. Farmington is on the southern edge of the Minneapolis metro area. Farmington is one of the fastest growing areas in Minnesota, and prides itself on their quiet downtown area.  Vita Attiva is an age restricted, active adult community just a few miles down the road from downtown Farmington. Vita Attiva will be the first project of its kind in Farmington, and the first of its kind that far south in the Minneapolis metro. Single-family homes with a selection of attached town homes, great amenities, and quick freeway access make this truly a one-of-a-kind community. The average poverty rate in Minnesota is 9.3% and in Farmington the poverty rate is currently 2.9%. Coupled with a very low poverty rate, Farmington has also seen a 38.1% growth in the average home price. This low poverty rate and home price growth make Farmington one of the stand out small cities on the edge of the Minneapolis metro.

Vita Attiva is part of CCM’s JV Equity Development Fund. For information on investing in this or any of our funds, please email or visit our website at

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